A poll conducted for the Laurentian Bank by Léger shows that only 26% of Quebecers have created a financial plan with the help of a financial professional, and over a third of the population (36%) does not have a written financial plan.

Many Quebecers dream of having a comfortable retirement, and this is the main reason (46%) that most of them sit down to develop a written financial plan, either with or without the help of a professional. The purchase of a property is the second most common impetus, cited by 31%. Although these are long-term projects that require a great deal of financial discipline, Laurentian warns that they should not be the only two reasons for writing a financial plan.

"Before thinking of one's golden years, there are many other stages in life that call for a clear look at our financial situation," says Guylaine Dufresne, senior manager of investment and financial planning at Laurentian Bank.

"First employment income, a student loan, the birth of a first child, or building an estate are also factors that should inspire us to take our finances in hand in a structured manner," she comments.

The survey also revealed that those with household incomes of $100,000 and over were most likely to rely on help from a professional advisor when drawing up a personal financial plan (34%). On the other hand, Quebecers with household incomes under $ 40,000 are most likely to report having no written plan at all (44%).

In addition, many Quebecers do not believe that they need to put their ideas down on paper. Among those who do not have a written plan, three out of ten say their plan is in their head (28%).

"People who want to get into shape have a better chance to do so with the help of a trainer and personalized plan. The same principle applies to finances. With the support of an advisor and a carefully considered plan adapted to their specific needs, people put all the odds on their side to successfully achieve their objectives," concludes Ms. Dufresne.

The Léger poll of 1034 Quebecers aged 18 or over was conducted online between Sept. 21 and Sept. 23, 2015.