The Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA) has launched a new brand name, Lawyers Financial, which aims to provide insurance and investment products tailored specifically to the needs of lawyers, their families, and their law firms, across the country.

CBIA is a not-for-profit organization with more than 30,000 lawyer clients across Canada. Lawyers Financial is the simplified and updated brand for its insurance and investment products.

"The time was right for a makeover. But our core values and benefits to our lawyer clients remain constant," says Henry Kugler, President and CEO of the CBIA.

Insurance needs often neglected

Due to the demanding workload lawyers often have, they tend to neglect their needs when it comes to insurance coverage, says the CBIA. This especially applies to lawyers in small or medium-sized firms, and sole practitioners.

"Outside of major national law firms, there are thousands of lawyers across the country who don't have access to group insurance coverage for life insurance, critical illness, and disability insurance, as well as financial products such as group RRSPs and pension plans," says Henry Kugler, President and CEO of the CBIA.

Offers 10 insurance products

Lawyers Financial offers 10 insurance products and four investment products specifically for lawyers with additional insurance products planned for 2017, says the CBIA.  Underlying insurers for Lawyers Financial products include Manulife, Desjardins, and The Personal. A network of about 30 independent advisors serves the organization’s lawyer clients for insurance and investment products.