Excel Funds is going after the do-it-yourself market. The company, which operates the longest-running India-focused mutual fund in Canada, has launched a low-fee series aimed at clients who buy their investments through discount brokerages.

The company announced yesterday that its new Series D will be available on its flagship product, the Excel India Fund, as well as the Excel High Income Fund, the Excel Emerging Markets Fund, the Excel Latin America Fund, and the Excel EM Blue Chip Balanced Fund. The annual management fees for funds in this series range between 1.35% and 1.75%.

"Do-it-yourself investors make up a large part of our core business," says Bhim D. Asdhir, president and CEO of Excel Funds. "They will now have access to some of our top-rated products at a much better price point, and we look forward to catering to this segment of the market a lot more in the future."