The federal government has launched Count Me In, Canada, a financial literacy program to help people learn how to better manage their money.

photo_web_1640Jane Rooney, who was appointed to serve as Canada’s first Financial Literacy Leader​ last year, says that Count Me In will consolidate and build on existing efforts, and will help Canadians to better manage their finances and make appropriate decisions as their needs and circumstances evolve.

To begin with, the program has three specific goals, namely to teach people to manage debt wisely, to plan and save for their future, and to prevent and protect themselves against fraud and financial abuse.

Count Me In is aimed at all levels of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and the government has recently secured a commitment from Canada’s banks to establish a partnership fund of $10 million that. Over the next five years, the fund will provide grants to eligible community organizations for projects that work to improve Canadians’ financial literacy.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) website will also offer free resources to help people learn about various financial products and services. These include selector tools to help people identify which bank accounts and credit cards best meet their needs, as well as plain-language information that explains their financial rights and responsibilities.

“The strategy will evolve over time, prioritizing actions to effectively develop and deliver specific initiatives,” reads the government’s announcement. “Stakeholders across the country will be mobilized to work towards common goals and progress will be evaluated and reported.”