Foresters Financial has recently announced that it will be making changes to some of its imaxxFunds. The changes will come into effect when the imaxxFunds simplified prospectus is renewed.

The name of imaxx Money Market Fund will be changing to imaxx Short Term Bond Fund, and imaxx Canadian Equity Growth Fund will become imaxx Equity Growth Fund. Additionally, the name of imaxx Canadian Dividend Fund will change to imaxx Canadian Dividend Plus Fund.

The management fee of Class F of the imaxx Short Term Bond Fund will be reduced from 0.75 per cent to 0.63 per cent, and the management fee of Class F of the imaxx Canadian Bond Fund will drop from 0.85 per cent to 0.75 per cent.

The imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund’s Class A and Class F will be renamed Class A8 and Class F8, respectively. In addition, the fund will be introducing new classes of units A0, A3, A5, F0, F3, and F5.

As for the imaxx Canadian Dividend Plus Fund, Classes A and F will become Class A4 and F4, respectively. The fund will be introducing Class A0 and Class F0 units.