Jemekk Capital Management has announced that it has entered arrangements with LOGiQ Capital 2016 to act as portfolio sub-advisor for three LOGiQ funds.

These funds are: LOGiQ Hedge Fund, LOGiQ Global Opportunities Class and LOGiQ Global Balanced Income Class. Frank Mersch, who recently joined Jemekk Capital, was the individual portfolio manager for these funds during his time at LOGiQ.

Continuing with original mandates

Mersch will continue to manage these funds as he has since their inception, says the announcement from Jemekk issued July 7. He will “continue with the original mandates that clients in these funds have entrusted him with, which is to help them meet their investment goals,” says the statement.

Jemekk Capital is a Toronto-based alternative investment management firm that offers wealth management products for high net worth, family office, fund-of-funds and small-to-mid-sized institutional investors. The company announced July 4 that Mersch had joined the company as Portfolio Manager and senior member of the team.

Gained prominence while at Altamira

Prior to joining Jemekk, Mersch co-founded Front Street Capital and held multiple roles including Chairman, Partner and Chief Investment Officer while managing several different mandates. Mersch gained prominence in the Canadian investment industry while at Altamira from 1987-1998.