The Investment Funds Institute of Canada launched a new Investor Centre on July 4. The aim of the Centre is to help investors make informed financial decisions.

“IFIC’s new Investor Centre reflects the industry’s commitment to help investors make informed choices,” said IFIC president and CEO Paul C. Bourque. “Informed investors make better decisions, are more disciplined about sticking with their investment plans, and have better quality conversations with their advisors.”

Enabled for tablet and smartphone use

The Centre, which is enabled for tablet and smartphone use, provides articles on saving and investing. In addition, IFIC is adding a new Life Stages section, where articles are written specifically for different points of life and the financial decisions they entail.

“Canadians are faced with important financial decisions at every stage of life,” Bourque said. “Our new Investor Centre provides something for everyone – from students and young adults, to people in their working years and those who have retired.”

Financial literacy

The site will also guide readers to relevant information from the federal and provincial governments, regulators, and financial literacy groups.

“Financial literacy is a priority at IFIC. The industry is committed to being a leading resource for investor-friendly content on saving and investing,” Bourque said. “We will supplement our materials with resources from governments, regulators and agencies to ensure Canadians can access the best and latest information from a variety of sources.”