Invesco announced on Aug. 13 that it has launched Invesco Portfolios, a new suite of investment solutions.

Invesco describes the Portfolios as “a convenient, and relatively low-cost single-ticket multi-asset-allocation solution designed to appeal to different investor risk profiles.”

The suite consists of five Portfolios. They are: Invesco Conservative Portfolio; Invesco Moderate Portfolio; Invesco Balanced Portfolio; Invesco Growth Portfolio and Invesco High Growth Portfolio.

The Portfolios invest in a mix of both actively-managed mutual funds and passive, factor-based exchange traded funds (ETFs) across varying asset classes. Invesco says that by incorporating ETFs, the Portfolios will have access to lower management fees.

The performance of the underlying investments is expected to correspond to Canadian, U.S. and international fixed income and equity markets. The equity portion of the Portfolios will include both developed and emerging markets, while bond exposure will be in developed markets only, says Invesco.