Mackenzie Financial Corporation has appointed Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG) to act as sub-advisor on a number of Quadrus funds. 

On July 5, PSG will take over as sub-advisor for the following Folio Funds:

  • Conservative Folio Fund
  • Moderate Folio Fund
  • Balanced Folio Fund
  • Advanced Folio Fund
  • Aggressive Folio Fund

On the same date, PSG will also become sub-advisor for the following Multi Manager Corporate Class Asset Allocation Funds:

  • Canadian Equity Class
  • North American Speciality Class
  • U.S. and International Equity Class
  • U.S. and International Speciality Class

PSG is a division of the Great-West Life subsidiary GLC Asset Management Group.

In a press release announcing the change, Mackenzie said that PSG's tailored approach "gets to the root of what investors need to help them comfortably achieve their long-term investment goals" and builds portfolios that are "true to investors' expectations".