Mackenzie Investments announced Jan. 29 the launch of Mackenzie Exchange Traded Fund Portfolios, which combine active, strategic beta and traditional index ETFs in a new line-up of mutual fund portfolios.

The portfolios are managed and monitored by the Mackenzie Asset Allocation Team and use strategic and tactical asset allocation along with active currency management.

Versatility of ETFS with accessibility of mutual funds

"The Mackenzie ETF Portfolios offer the best of both worlds, combining the versatility of ETFs with the accessibility of mutual funds," said Michael Schnitman, Senior Vice President, Product of Mackenzie Investments. "With five risk profiles to choose from, these diversified portfolios are well suited as a core investment for every type of investor."

The five new portfolios are: Mackenzie Conservative Income ETF Portfolio, Mackenzie Conservative ETF Portfolio, Mackenzie Balanced ETF Portfolio, Mackenzie Moderate Growth ETF Portfolio and Mackenzie Growth ETF Portfolio.