The Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA) has launched a research project to gather detailed information on the amount and types of investments held by mutual fund clients.

The MFDA announced on Feb. 8 that it had retained Investor Economics (IE) to analyze the geographic, demographic, and wealth footprint of MFDA members' client base.

Dealers are being asked to provide a wide range of data, including client's addresses, birth dates, account types and balances, as well as the codes for the fund products they hold. The MFDA says the information gathered will be "anonymized" to prevent client and fund dealers from being identified.

"We are seeking feedback from Members regarding their ability to provide client data for this research project, including how the data may be best transferred to the MFDA or IE, preferred timing for the data collection, and any alternative suggestions for providing the data," says the MFDA.  "The results of this research project will better inform the MFDA in performing its regulatory activities."