Qtrade Financial Group now has a robo-advice service, Virtual Wealth, enabling its financial institution partners to enter the market for digital advice.

VirtualWealth, an online service, works with ETF portfolios. They are automatically rebalanced according to the investor’s target asset allocation.

Advice preferences

In an announcement Feb. 16, Catherine Wood, Senior VP and Head of Online Brokerage and Digital Advice with Qtrade Financial Group, said VirtualWealth enables Qtrade’s partners to meet the advice preferences of all their clients. “Investors who value a face-to-face relationship can have great advice from a qualified advisor. Those who want to self-manage some of their own investments can choose online brokerage. Now, robo-advice is another option in that broad continuum of wealth services," she says.

A few minutes to complete

Qtrade says VirtualWealth’s digital onboarding and funding process takes just a few minutes to complete. “The platform allows clients to easily track progress toward their investing goals…Clients who have a question or need an issue resolved can expect prompt, accurate, friendly service from registered representatives and client support specialists.”