This November will be the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s (FCAC) seventh annual Financial Literacy Month (FLM), which is dedicated to the improvement of financial literacy among Canadians so they can improve their finances. The theme of this year’s financial literacy month is “take charge – it pays to know.”

“Improving Canadians’ awareness of their financial rights and responsibilities is a long-term challenge,” stated Lucie Tedesco, commissioner, FCAC in an announcement Oct. 31. “Informed consumers are more confident in dealing with financial matters and making decisions that improve their financial well-being.”

Fifth National Conference

The month will start with the FCAC’s fifth National Conference on financial literacy, which will be held in Montreal from Nov 1-3. Over 350 delegates from across the country will meet to discuss trends and issues concerning financial literacy.

“As FLM gets underway, I’m pleased to see hundreds of organizations coming together and getting involved to help improve the financial literacy of Canadians,” says Jane Rooney, financial literacy leader, FCAC. “Encouraging people to take action to better manage their money and debt, make a budget, have a savings plan, and better understand their financial rights and responsibilities will help them to achieve greater financial well-being.”