SSQ Financial Group announced several changes to its segregated fund line as of Nov. 9. Notably, it is launching four funds, three of which contain US equity. SSQ also tweaked its Enhanced guarantee.

Jean-François Bernard, director of Product Development, Investment and retirement products at SSQ Insurance, explains that SSQ improved the reset value of deposits under the 75/100 enhanced guarantee. “Automatic every three years, reset can now be done at no cost until age 80. Guarantee at death remains 100% after age 80 instead of decreasing to 75%,” he says. 

While preparing to launch four new funds, the insurer took the opportunity to finetune its segregated fund offer. “We have re-examined our US equity offer in depth. The fund line needed to be refreshed to participate in the positive US returns of the past two years,” Bernard adds.

Three American funds will replace two lacklustre ones. They will be managed by Hillsdale, Beutel Goodman and Fiera Capital. Previously reserved for institutional investors, the emerging market fund managed by Fischer will become the fourth new fund as it opens up to the individual market.